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Hello and Welcome to the Lilypots website

My name is Joanne Wright and I am the owner of Lilypots.  I  qualified in floriculture in England in 1995. My life has taken many directions since then and I have turned my wealth of experience into the creation that is 'Lilypots'.  I travel back to Europe regularly and take great joy in bringing back ideas to use in my workshop.


I feel that Lilypots benefits so much from my European travels and I come back bubbling with enthusiasm and ideas.  One of the highlights is visiting the world flower market in Holland.  It is an amazing experience seeing and purchasing thousands of flower varieties from all over the world. When buying flowers, I am constantly striving for the best quality for my clients. I have a passion for flowers, but an obsession with quality, and utilize only the vendors who consistently offer me excellence.


Working right by my side is our Senior Floral Designer, Jeannette Meyers, who has over 25 years of floral experience. Having graduated from the American Floral Arts School in Chicago, Jeannette continued her education in landscape design in ornamental horticulture, fine arts and interior design. She has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the floral arts and shares her knowledge with clients and customers. Her mantra is 'I can do that' and believe me, she can, says Joanne. "You wouldn't believe some of the things I am asked to do, but that is the joy of my job", says Jeannette "there is always a floral challenge!"


We are passionate about making the most important occasions in your life beautifully unforgettable and are happy to say that the European influence and our attention to detail has quickly earned us the reputation of being a premier floral provider.  We strive for creativity as well as elegance which we hope shines through every carefully placed petal. Every one-of-a-kind design illuminates with expertise and innovation that starts, we believe, with the customer's ideas and consultation.  At Lilypots, we truly try to provide our customers with the comfort that we will help make their dreams come to life. Whether simple, elegant, contemporary or traditional, take the stress out of choosing your flowers by choosing Lilypots.


Thank you for taking the time to find out about us and remember:

"Each flower is a soul opening out to nature" - Gerard De Nerval